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Natasha and Sunny

Sunny NatashaWow Shveta, where do we begin? Oh yes over a year and a half ago when fate led us to choose you as our wedding planner. We had no idea how to begin planning an event of this scale but you reassured and guided us in creating an event that has surpassed all expectations Sunny and I could’ve had of our big day. Over the last few days Sunnyand I have received countless compliments on how well organized and beautiful each event has been and we that entirely to the (formally known as) Silk Planners team. You have gone above and beyond time and time again to make sure that both families are happy with the end product and I know that is not an easy task to achieve. Whatever stress I may have felt was so quickly relieved and sorted out by you that I never had to worry about anything but looking good. The biggest take away from my experience with you Shveta is that you made me feel like I had a big sister as my wedding planner. I never felt pressured by you or judged for having freak outs. You saw our vision and you executed it perfectly. I don’t think I will ever truly known how much stress and planning you put into my wedding. All I know is that no one could have gave me the wedding (formally known as) Silk Planners gave me. Z and Katy were amazing and you deserve to be recognized for your amazing work. Thank you for everything Shveta and we will catch up soon, but for now I hope you are able to catch up on a weeks worth of sleep.

Manpreet and Sandeep

Manpreet SandeepThe task we faced seemed insurmountable. A bride in Cleveland, a groom in Chicago, the bride’s only sister in San Jose and a wedding (and related parties) for 800people in Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend, 2015. The geographic challenges we faced were considerable. The size of the wedding was daunting. The planning seemed implausible. Yet, everything we envisioned came to life in the most beautiful way due to Shveta Dhillon and her team at (formally known as) Silk Planners. We got engaged in November, 2014, in Chicago. We decided, along with our families input, that we would host an engagement party in Chicago in June, 2015 and a wedding in LA in September, 2015. The Chicago party would be limited to close family and friends in the range of 250 people. The LA wedding would be relatively unlimited in the range of 800 people. We visited LA in Christmas of 2014. We narrowed the venue for the Ladies Sangeet, ceremony and reception. However, we needed help finalizing these choices, choosing the right vendors for us, planning and executing. We interviewed several wedding planners and coordinators. Each seemed competent and knowledgeable. However, none exuded the combination of the willingness, passion, ability and knowledge that Shveta conveyed when we first talked in January, 2015. Sheclearly possessed all the elements to create what we envisioned at the right price. The latter should not be glossed over. (formally known as) Silk Planners had the most competitive price for everything we were getting – wedding planning and coordinating nearly 8 months from the wedding day. Shveta and her partner Z essentially shadowed us on our trips to LA in the winter and spring. They went with us to the different temples we mulled for our wedding ceremony. They viewed the different venues we considered for the Ladies Sangeet. Their input, knowledge and passion provided the exact spark and information we sought and needed. Shveta was instrumental in finding our team of vendors. It’s clear as we write this that many job titles are apt to correctly characterize what Shveta brings to her career. Two more words that need to be mentioned are professionalism and family. The latter is what it felt like when she talked to us for hours on the phone from the west coast to the Midwest. Her enthusiasm and passion could have been mistaken for a family member’s enthusiasm and passion. For us, there’s no greater compliment than that. She cared for us like we were her family. This, combined with her professionalism in communicating in a timely and thorough manner, makes this next statement the absolute truth: Shveta and her team at (formally known as) Silk Planners played a major part in planning, implementing and executing a wedding that exceeded what we had envisioned by tenfold. We hear Shveta’s voice as we write this: “I want to give you the wedding you want and deserve.” You did. Job well done, Shveta, Z and the team at (formally known as) Silk Planners.

Kevin and Kimi

Shveta, with the limited time we gave you, your girls and yourself handled the situation very professionally and efficiently. You made the reception night go very smooth and we all noticed that. Thanks so much for helping mom and being so open to sooooo many ideas from our entire family. We can get overbearing at times. But seriously, great job. You handled everything with calm and composure, something I truly appreciate. Overall, you guys are great together. This might sound scary, but my mom and I have decided that we are hiring you again for Rajs wedding. This time, however, we will involve you in advance Lol

Carmen and Amit

Carman Ameet“It is with such great pleasure that I write this testimonial for (formally known as) Silk Planners. (formally known as) Silk Planners planned our Indian Wedding on July 4th, 2015. Working with Shveta was a tremendous pleasure and her knowledge, professionalism, thoroughness, and kindness made our experience as stress-free as possible. Additionally, Shveta was easily accessible via email and texting and even created Google Calendar events to assist my husband and I in scheduling our appointments. Additionally, she was culturally sensitive, which was of vital importance for me. I am of Central American descent and initially felt very lost in reference to an Indian/Hindu wedding. Shveta explained the process every step of the way, regularly offered to be available to discuss any questions or concerns I might have and simply put me at ease when I was overwhelmed. With my husband being in charge of payments, she regularly provided updates and reminders regarding which vendors were still awaiting checks and other financial updates. The service provided the day of the wedding was as impressive as the planning process. Shveta arrived with assistants, and we were guided through the day step by step (which she had also reviewed in detail prior to the wedding). Not only did we know what was coming as it was explained by Shveta or her assistants, but they also regularly checked on us to make sure we had what we needed including food to ensure that we did not go hungry. Our wedding day was absolutely fabulous. Thank you (formally known as) Silkplanners!”

Raman and Bisham

Raman and BishamWords cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude we owe to you and your team for the many months of planning. Our wedding was beyond anything we could have imagined. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work and making our visions come to life. We hope to work with you again soon





Rajan and Miriam

Rajan and Miriam“Starting with our first appointment I knew that you were the right person for what I needed to do, make my son’s Wedding Day to be an unforgettable day of celebration, and I was right. Throughout the process, you and your staff were always friendly, courteous and accessible and I could not thank you enough for being so professional and resourceful. I received a lot of compliments from all the guests, they all had a wonderful time. I wish you all the best and a lot of success in the future.”




Avneet and Aman

Avneet and Aman“We can’t express enough how much (formally known as Silk Planners) has done for us not only for our big day, but for our life. Because of their hard work and dedication, we are able to share the excitement of the “best days of our lives” over and over again. (formally known as Silk Planners) did a great job taking care of our needs and expectations and exceeded them to the max. During the time of our wedding planning, I was living in Wisconsin and my husband Aman was here in California. So you can imagine how hard it was to convey what we wanted as a couple over countless phone calls, text messages and webinars, but with the help of (formally known as Silk Planners) and the help of family there, our beautiful moments came true. It was everything we envisioned it to be and it still feels as if it was a dream today. That’s what these ladies do, they make dreams come true. As you hear many people say, their wedding would not have been possible with out there wedding planners, and that is in fact true. Thank you so much (formally known as Silk Planners) for making our dream come true.”


Puneet and Delhi

Puneet and Delhi“You guys are miracle workers! You took our ideas, greatly improved them, and made them all work seamlessly together. We don’t even know how people get married without (formally known as) Silk Planners. Thanks to you, we didn’t have to worry about a single thing throughout our weeklong wedding and neither did our parents. Most weddings, the bride and groom go crazy dealing with people, but you guys managed to keep them and their issues far, far away from us! What more can a bride & groom ask for? How about a fairytale? And you guys made our fairytale dream come true. Thank you for your attention to detail, your flexibility, your ability to manage the uncles & aunties, your eye for design, ability to make anything happen, and your patience with us. Our wedding was one of the most memorable for all our friends and family thanks to you. You guys Rock!”



Navjot & Ajay

Navjot & Ajay“Ajay and I would like to thank (formally known as Silk Planners) for doing a wonderful job coordinating our wedding. Without them our wedding would have not been the same. They were resourceful, professional, punctual, and always willing to respond via text, email, or phone calls. Indian weddings are a lot of work and can be very stressful, especially when having a guest count of 600 people. (formally known as Silk Planners) went out of their way to make sure my day was less stressful and they made sure my wedding day flowed smoothly and everything was done the way I wanted. I can’t thank them enough and would highly recommend them to anyone doing an event big or small.”




Pramud (60th Birthday Celebration)

Pramud“It was a pleasure working with (formally known as) Silk Planners. They really made our party have a “wow” effect. The flower arrangements & the dessert table were perfect for the theme of our party which was the fashion of the 60’s…whether you have a big or small party, (formally known as) Silk Planners are the ones to call! We will certainly consider using their services for our parties in the future as well.”





Niti & Sunny

Niti Sunny“Our wedding would not have been possible if we hadn’t hired (formally known as) Silk Planners. Hiring them was one of the best decisions we had made. (formally known as Silk Planners) are great to work with. They are fun, friendly, organized, and very professional. Everyone had a great time, we received many compliments on not only how beautiful things were, but also how smoothly and professionally everything was done. (formally known as) Silk Planners offered recommendations and suggestions where needed and made sure our wedding day was stress free. We highly recommend them for your event!”